The Game of Life

I’m working with an incredibly  talented team of game designers, interactive producers, and content managers to create an original and, we hope, visionary online educational game. The deeper I get into development, the more I see the parallels between gaming and life. Gamers learn through feedback. In our lives, too, we are constantly learning through feedback—that’s how we adapt to our environment. Is it too programmatic to offer that if our behavior does not get us what we want, we modify our behavior? At the very least, we question and test our environment and then adapt. So, the challenge for game developers: How to create both an authentic gaming universe/experience that also works as a teaching platform? That is, how to observe life so deeply that we can both reproduce this world–or a simulacrum of it–and  write it large in an altered universe (because, finally, the game is a game, not life)?

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