Smith mag’s new Next Door Neighbor comic-essay

Back in the 90s, Josh and I collaborated on a few comics pieces, including the famous (or rather, infamous) “Gynecology on the Go”—an extended “travel tip” for ladies backpacking in the tropics—and the duet “Cave of Fear,” which I provided the journal entries for. Josh and I have teamed up again for the new Next Door Neighbor story. Next Door Neighbor, edited by Dean Haspiel, is the ongoing feature on Smith mag that features a rotating comics-essays, about, well, our next door neighbors, those we’d like to remember—and those we’d like to forget. Our story features a next door neighbor I had growing up in Brooklyn in the 1970s. A beekeeper, in fact. Josh took a break from A.D. to render it. I think he did a fine job. It’s been my first time working in the comics form in awhile and it was interesting to think visually again. I’m pleased that the initial reviews have been positive. Take a look and let us know what you think.

I can only hope “The Beekeeper” has as long a life as “Gynecolgy on the Go,” which may still be doing the middle school health class circuit.

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  1. sandhya said

    You didn’t tell me about this at lunch. I love it!

  2. Muttering said

    Thanks, Sandhya! There were so many other things to cover, it slipped my mind. Thanks for checking it out!

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